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Item#: PN22179 Mfr Part#: 352200V02 Manufacturer: Leybold
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Helium Leak Detector Leybold Phoenix Magno w/Oil-Sealed Backing Pump, 60 Hz, 17 Cubic Meters, 352200V02


Leybold Phoenix Magno Helium Leak Detector - Product Overview:

The New Leybold Phoenix helium leak detector provides excellent accuracy and performance. This helium leak detector, incorporating a new mode for helium sensitivity, is designed to identify and measure leaks in test objects with an immediate response.

This leak detector can be used for leak detection utilizing either a vacuum or sniffer method. To use the Leybold Phoenix helium leak detector using a vacuum method, a connection between the detector and the analyzed object must be established - the test object must be connected to the inlet flange of the device. A leak test can be performed by evacuating the test object and exposing it to helium gas. Should a leak be present, the helium gas will penetrate into the object - thus allowing the leak detector to establish a reading. The sniffer method of leak detection, on the other hand, involves analyzing test objects under overpressure with a sniffer connected to the inlet flange of the detector.


Available in Three Models:

The New Leybold Phoenix helium leak detector is available in three models. Your choice of the Phoenix helium leak detector model depends on the required application.

All models of the new Leybold Phoenix helium leak detector are equipped with an integrated, user-friendly touchscreen. The detector's software functions allow the user to monitor measurements with the assistance of an external display. The Leybold Phoenix leak detector features a Wi-Fi login, enabling tablet or smartphone access from any location. Leybold Phoenix gas leak detectors likewise offer an updated enhanced measurement system, in addition to a new ultra mode for increased helium sensitivity. 

  • Phoenix Magno and Magno Dry: Provide higher backing pump speed and are excellent for larger test volumes. Leybold Phoenix Magno and Magno Dry are best suitable for UHV applications, including particle accelerators, UHV components and systems, and space simulation.

  • Also Available in Two Additional Configurations: Magno and Vario

  • The New Phoenix Quadro and Quadro dry: Perfect for research and development, as well as industrial production and semiconduction. Leybold Phoenix Quadro leak detectors constitute an excellent tool for universities and institutes, research centers, labs, and R&D equipment manufacturing. The Phoenix Quadro leak detectors are an essential agent for the production of analytical instruments, medical devices, and aviation. The new Phoenix Quadro leak detector provides high mobility and flexibility.

  • The Phoenix Vario: Perfect for UHV applications, particle accelerators, space simulation, as well as industrial applications ranging from industrial systems and machinery to metallurgy, industrial furnaces and electronics. The new Phoenix Vario provides an ideal fit for large-scale systems that require quick remote control options and manueverability. Leybold Phoenix Vario leak detectors arrive as light-weight, smaller units featuring direct electrical connection to their respective external backing pumps.


New Leybold Phoenix Gas Leak Detectors Offer the Following Additional Features:

  • HDMI Interface Allows Monitoring Leaks From Any Location

  • Wi-Fi Login; No App or Software Needed

  • Variety of Controlling Interfaces for Simplified Data Analysis

  • Multiple User Profile Set-up System

  • Periodic Automated Reminders

  • Ability to Save up to 10 Parameters for Quick Change Between Experiments

  • Employs Necessary Connections for Accessories such as Sniffer Line

  • Multiple USB Ports

  • Dry Versions Available & Compatible with Oil-Free Systems

  • Smallest Detectable Leak Rate of 5 * 10^[-12] mbar I/s

  • High Helium Pumping Speed

  • High Level of Safety

  • Improved Maintenance


Leybold Phoenix Magno Control Panel:

Leybold Leak Detector Phoenix Magno, 352200V02

Click Here for Leybold Phoenix Magno Operating Instructions Manual

Click Here for Product Brochure

Click Here for Leybold Phoenix Leak Detector Video

A&J Vacuum services and repairs Leybold New Phoenix Magno, Phoenix Quadro, and Phoenix Vario Helium Leak Detectors, along with all other Leybold Vacuum Leak Detectors available on our website. Please contact us for information concerning our service and repair program, or click to access our Services page. We likewise offer Emergency service and repair upon request. For additional information, Please contact A&J Vacuum Services at (973) 249-0854. Thank you for choosing AJVS as your supplier and business partner.

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