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Item#: PN15277 Mfr Part#: ISP-50 Manufacturer: Anest Iwata
PRICE: $5,135.00
WEB SAVINGS: $746.00
YOU PAY: $4,389.00

Anest Iwata ISP-50 Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump, Vertical Inlet, Single Phase Motor, ISP50, ISP 50


Anest Iwata ISP-50 Technical Data:

The Anest Iwata ISP-50 Dry Scroll Pumps offer a clean dry vacuum enviroment and elimates the nuisance of cumbersome lubricant maintenance or sealing water administration.

The ISP-50 Dry Pump is free from installation restrictions because of its air-cooled system, and does not require water cooling. The air cooling system eliminates the need for the burdensome job of maintaining cooling water and allows the pump to be installed in place where it was formerly difficult to install. 

The ISP Series pumps are oil-free, solving many issues with contamination and maintenance problems. The ISP Vacuum Pumps are used by many customers in a wide range of applications from cutting-edge industries in the filed of physical and chemical science to general purpose uses.

Pumping humid gases can cause condensed moisture to remain in the pump. In order to extend the life of the pump, we utilized the Air Flush System to remove any moisture. The ISP-50 Scroll Vacuum Pump is equipped with Air Flush Port, which pumps out the remaining moisture left over from pumping humid gases and maintains the ultimate pressure.

Anest Iwata ISP-50 series vacuum pumps maintain low power consumption from atmosphere to maximum pressure.

The ISP-50 Vacuum Pump should be used at ambient operation temperature in the range of 5ºC to 40ºC.

This pumping system is suitable for clean processes only. Do not use explosive, flammable, toxic or corrosive substances or substances which contain chemicals, solvents or particles.


Anest Iwata ISP-50 Features:

  • Energy efficient
  • Quiet
  • Low vibration
  • Longer maintenance cycle

Anest Iwata ISP 50 Info Graphs

Anest Iwata ISP-50 Applications:

The dry scroll ISP Vacuum Pumps offer a wide range of pumping speeds and ultimate pressure that are used in many applications in the research and development and production areas, such as;

  • Sputtering Equipment, Vacuum Depostition Equipment, Ion Plating Equipment

  • Electron Microscope

    • Uses scattered electrons and transmitted 

  • Mass Spectrometry

    • Measures the mass of a molecule. Utilizes vacuum to convert the molecule to a gas-phase ion.

  • Sputtering

    • Involves ejecting material from a source target onto a substrate.

  • Evaporation Deposition

    • Coating source material is evaporated in a vacuum.

  • Vacuum Sterilizer 

    • Utilizes a series of sterilizing gas injections and evacuations with a vacuum system. 

  • Vacuum Freeze Drying

    • Pressure is lowered to create ice sublimation. Vacuum speeds up the sublimation.

  • Cryogenics

    • Vacuum pumps are used in conjunction with Cryo pumps for chamber evacuation and gas regeneration. 

  • Vacuum Heat Treatment

    • Preventing oxidation and removing absorbed gases for heat treatment under vacuum.

  • Accelerator, Synchrotron Radiation

    • Vacuum is required to keep electrons and photons from being slowed down by colliding with atoms and molecules.

  • Surface Modification, Electron Beam Process

  • Gas Recovery Devices

  • Vacuum Equipment

  • Leak Detectors

    • Checking leakage by measuring pressure change overtime while under vacuum. 

  • Device Handling System

  • Vacuum Furnace, Heat Treatment Furnace

  • Laboratory Use

  • Vacuum Packaging Machine


Anest Iwata ISP-50 Dimensions:

Anest Iwata ISP 50 Dimensions

Click Here to view Anest Iwata ISP-50 Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump Instruction Manual.

A&J Vacuum Services, Inc is Anest Iwata authorized repair / rebuild and service center for all Scroll Dry Vacuum Pumps along with all other. Please contact us for information on service program or click here to go to our Service page. We also offer Emergency service upon request. For more information Please contact A&J Vacuum Services at 973-249-0854.

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