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Item#: PN20969 Mfr Part#: 800002V3001 Manufacturer: Leybold
PRICE: $7,642.00
WEB SAVINGS: $3,147.00
YOU PAY: $4,495.00

Fully Remanufactured Leybold Turbovac SL80 Turbo Pump, DN 63 ISO-K, 800002V3001, also known as Oerlikon SL 80


Oerlikon / Leybold Turbovac SL-80 Overview:

The pumps comprise essentially the pump housing, a multi-stage rotor with the stator group, and the drive.

The first section of the rotor is a turbomolecular pump rotor while the second tile represents a Holweck stage. The Holweck pumping stage increases the permissible forevacuum pressure level markedly when compared with the classic turbomolecular pump.

The rotor shaft runs in two lifetime lubricated ceramic ball bearings.

The pump is driven by a split-cage DC motor. In this motor the rotor and stator windings are separated by a vacuum-tight can. Consequently the rotor runs inside the vacuum while the stator is outside the vacuum. This eliminates any need of vacuum feedthroughs. The pump is equipped with a temperature sensor and a resistor code.

Water cooling or an air cooling fan is available as optional equipment. The intake flange should be fitted with a wire mesh inlet screen to protect the pump against mechanical damage caused by foreign objects.

The pump is driven by an electronic frequency converter TURBO.DRIVE. All functions like, for example, speed control, pump sensing or temperature monitoring are monitored by the TURBO.DRIVE. This unit is powered by an external power supply.

The TURBO.DRIVE may be installed beside or underneath the pump or up to 5 m away. The pumps are equipped with a purge gas facility.

The purge gas and venting connection is blanked off by default with a M8 closure screw. A purge gas and venting valve may be connected either directly or by using a M8 – DN16KF adapter. For space reasons, when the frequency converter is installed at the side, only either the air cooler or a purge gas valve can be connected.


Oerlikon / Leybold Turbovac SL-80 Features:

  • Integrated or external frequency converter
  • Compact design
  • Operation in any orientation
  • High foreline tolerance
  • Oil-free pump for generating clean high and ultra-high vacuum conditions


Oerlikon / Leybold Turbovac SL-80 Advantages:

  • Space-saving
  • Easy to integrate into complex vacuum systems
  • Allows the use of down-sized fore-vacuum pumps
  • Low operating costs
  • Highly reliable operation

This item has been fully tested and is ready for a wide variety of applications.


Leybold Turbovac SL80 Pumping Speed:

Leybold Turbovac SL80 Pumping Speed, 800002V3001


Leybold Turbovac SL80 Dimensions:

Leybold Turbovac SL80 Dimensions, 800002V3001

Click Here for Leybold Turbovac SL80 Manual

A&J Vacuum repair / rebuild and service all Leybold SL80 800002V3001 Turbo Pumps, Oerlikon SL 80 800002V3001 Pumps Leybold TMP Turbo Pump Service, Sogevac Pump Repair, Leybold Boosters, Leybold  Vacuum Pumps, Leybold Helium Leak Detectors  along with all other  Leybold Turbo Pumping Stations, Leybold Turbo Pump Repair, Roots Pump Service and repair. Please contact us for information on service program or click here to go to our Service page. We also offer Emergency service upon request. For more information Please contact A&J Vacuum Services at 973-249-0854

Condition: Remanufactured In Stock
Item#: PN00220 Mfr Part#: 800051V3001 Manufacturer: Leybold
Price upon request

Leybold TURBOVAC SL700 Turbo Pump, DN160ISOK, 800051V3001 Typical Applications  Helium leak detectors


Leybold TURBOVAC SL700 Features

  • Oil free pump
  • High pressure foreline tolerance
  • Excellent resistance to vibration due to proven mechanical bearings
  • Efficient convection cooling due to a large number of cooling fins
  • Purge gas/venting connection
  • Installation in any orientation
  • Flexible attachment of the frequency converter to the pump
  • Small footprint
  • Delayed venting through the frequency converter TURBO.DRIVE TD 400 (optional)
  • Selection of interfaces, RS 232 C, RS 485 C, Profibus, Ethernet
  • Helium leak detectors
  • Mass spectrometers (gas chromatography GC-MS), liquid chromatography (LC-MS), residual gas analysis, mobile analytical systems, etc.)
  • Electron beam microscopy
  • XHV-/UHV systems
  • Transfer chambers


Leybold SL700 Advantages to the User

  • Easy to integrate into complex vacuum systems
  • Space-saving
  • Prepared for pumping of slightly corrosive gases owing to the seal gas connection
  • High reliability, MTBF over 200,000 hours
  • Matching accessories (fan, water cooling, seal gas/venting valves, power failure venting valves, flange heaters, different cable lengths etc.)
  • High reliability due to self-monitoring


Leybold SL700 Pumping Speed:

Leybold SL700 Pumping Speed, 800051V3001


Leybold SL700 Dimensions:

Leybold SL700 Dimensions, 800051V3001

A&J Vacuum Services offers full repair/service of Leybold SL700, along with all other brands offered on our website. AJVS also services Leybold Turbo Pumps. Please contact us for information about our service and repair program or click to access our services page. We also offer emergency service upon request. For more information, please email A&J Vacuum Services at or call (973) 249-0854. Thank you for choosing AJVS as your supplier.

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