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Item#: PN41136 Mfr Part#: S11X0102MM9A Manufacturer: Pfeiffer Vacuum
PRICE: $25,700.00
WEB SAVINGS: $3,303.50
YOU PAY: $22,396.50

Pfeiffer Vacuum ASI 35 Modular Leak Detector with Control Panel Display, Fully configurable I/O interface90 - 240V 50/60Hz Universal Voltage, S11X0102MM9A, ASI35


Pfeiffer Adixen ASI 35 with Display and Controls Modular Helium Leak Detector - Product Overview:

The Pfeiffer Vacuum ASI 35 is extremely flexible and easy to integrate into leak detection systems. Its components can be placed strategically to obtain the full leak detection benefits from the system: precise and repeatable results under any leak test conditions.

The Pfeiffer Adixen ASI 35 is Dependable, fast and sensitive.

Further advantages of the ASI 35 are its high helium pumping speed and low maintenance turbopump, its dual independent long life filaments as well as its state-of-the-art electronics. These features guarantee a long-lasting trouble-free operation. The ASI 355 leak detection system can be designed for testing in various operational modes for vacuum or sniffing tests with the highest sensitivity level. The Pfeiffer ASI 35 sustains very high throughput, ensures the accuracy and reproducibility of the measurement results and allows ultra fast cycle time as short as 1 second. Thanks to its unrivalled performances in sniffing, the Pfeiffer Modular ASI 35 is the perfect leak detector for such specific systems, especially if multipoint sniffing is needed.

Pfeiffer ASI35 Applications:

  • Automotive: airbag inflators and ignitors, cooling radiators, fuel rails, and injectors
  • Refrigeration and air conditioning: evaporators, compressors, tubes, coils
  • Packaging: cans and capsules, tubular bags, blisters
  • Mechanical parts: valves, fittings, manifolds


The third generation analyzer cell of the Pfeiffer ASI 35 Modular Leak Detector is carefully designed, thereby enabling excellent stability. It is composed of a light alloy vacuum chamber, ionization module, braking module, and equipped plate module.

The Pfeiffer Adixen ASI 35 Modular Leak Detector comes with the ability to detect leaks with flows as miniscule as 3 x 10^(-11) mbar l/s. A variety of leak-detecting methods are available with the Adixen ASM 310, including the spray method, sniffing method, and bombing method, all of which are ideally suited for tightly-sealed objects that cannot be directly connected to the leak detector. All of these methods can be utilized to discover the possible location of the leak. Methods should be chosen according to the required measurement range as well as the required test parts.


Pfeiffer Vacuum ASM 310 leak detector comes with the following parts:

  • Vacuum and sniffing leak detection
  • 1 mains power cable for Europe (France/Germany) and 1 mains power cable for the US
  • 1 documentation set (USB key, operating instruction, plastic coated memos for the detector and the RS-232)
  • 1 1/2 rack plate for electronic module
  • 4 mounting lugs for electronic module
  • 1 control lever for the storage valve
  • 1 industrial control panel with its cable (1.8 M )
  • 1 cable to connect the electronic module and the vacuum module (15-pin D-Sub connector - 3.5 M)
  • 1 connector (male 15-pin D-Sub or male 37-pin D-Sub, according to the selected option)
  • 1 adaptor for use of the Smart sniffer probe (if Sniffer option selected)
  • 1 screw for SplitFlow 50 pump


Pfeiffer/Adixen ASI 35 Detection Module:

Pfeiffer Adixen ASI 35 Modular Leak Detector, ASI35

Pfeiffer Vacuum Adixen ASI 35 Modular Leak Detector - Features & Benefits:

  • Integral and localizing test (vacuum and sniffing) for both tracer gases: helium and hydrogen

  • Short cycle times due to highest pumping speed

  • Maximum reliability and robustness for high uptime

  • Analyzer Cell Delivery: 3 Years of Operation Before Maintenance is Required

  • User-Friendly Interface, Customized to Meet Individual Preferences/Specifications

  • Worldwide operation thanks to universal voltage of the electronic module

  • Wide temperature range allows for operation in challenging environments

  • Ability to sustain up to 800 sccm flow in sniffing applications

  • Easy substitution of any other modular leak detector model (I/O compatibility mode)


A Brief Description of the Science and Processes Involved in Helium Leak Detection:

Leak detection utilizing helium has a complex history dating back to the first half of the twentieth century and is used in a variety of processes and industries. Helium is used as the preferred tracer gas for eliminating leaks for a variety of reasons, including its non-flammability, non-toxicity, and inexpensiveness relative to other gases. Likewise, its inert state and small atomic size (helium has an atomic mass unit of 4 - second only to hydrogen, which has an AMU of 2) allows the gas to pass through leaks with ease. Unlike hydrogen however, helium is stable and non-explosive, providing a better alternative to be used in leak detection processes.

Utilizing the beneficial qualities of helium, a Helium Leak Detector pumps molecules of the gas into the device's analyzer cell through the use of vacuum pumps. The analyzer cell works on the principle of mass spectroscopy and measures the gas's partial pressure, displayed on the device's spectrometer. A higher reading indicates that a leak may be present, as represented by the quantity and concentration of helium molecules that have passed through a given space, as analyzed by the device. The leak detector converts this partial pressure of molecules into a flow rate. Helium leak detectors are known to be extremely precise and exhibit unparalleled accuracy in detecting leaks.



Pfeiffer/Adixen ASI 35 Dimensions:

Pfeiffer/Adixen ASI 35 Modular Helium Leak Detector,

Click Here for Pfeiffer Vacuum Adixen ASI 35 Helium Leak Detector Operating Instructions.

A&J Vacuum Services offers full repair/service of Pfeiffer Adixen ASI 35  Modular Leak Detectors, ASI35 along with all other brands of helium leak detectors offered on our website. AJVS also services Pfeiffer turbo pumps and rotary vane pumps. Please contact us for information about our service and repair program or click to access our services page. We also offer emergency service upon request. For more information, please email A&J Vacuum Services at or call (973) 249-0854. Thank you for choosing AJVS as your supplier.

Condition: New
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